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Sherri resides in Atlanta with her husband Frank.  She is the mother of two daughters and enjoys doing figurative paintings of women, birds, and pet portraits.  She grew up in an artistic family in Toledo, Ohio and moved to Georgia in the 80’s.  She met her husband while working at the Center for Disease Control Credit Union during the day and attending Georgia State University at night.  After they married in 1987 they moved to Guatemala where he did research for The Centers for Disease Control.  During their five years in Guatemala Sherri learned Spanish and worked for a Guatemalan Fashion Designer.  She fell in love with the colors and tapestries.  Most of her paintings are defined by her use of color. She identifies herself as an impressionistic colorist.  After Sherri started her family and her children started school she went back to Georgia State University and finished her education. She holds a bachelor’s of fine art degree with an emphasis on painting.  Sherri is now an accomplished professional artist.  She has exhibited her work all around Atlanta in various Group shows, galleries, and art festivals.  Her work hangs in her collector’s homes all over the United States.   Sherri’s husband retired from Centers for Disease Control and started working for The Carter Center.  For the last seven years Sherri has been invited to donate a painting for President Jimmy Carter’s Weekend Auctions.  She is proud to say that her paintings have raised over sixty thousand dollars for their health programs.  In 2022 another painting was donated to raise money for Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s Butterfly Garden.  The painting was purchased by a sponsor and then given to Mrs. Carter as a gift.  Sherri still continues her studies by doing workshops with artists that she admires.  She still does several commissions and occasional shows.  When she’s not painting at her home she is either relaxing with her cat, playing tennis with her husband or Pickle Ball with her friends.

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