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Sharmila Roy  |  214-632-0592  |

A chance move from Dallas, Texas to Atlanta prompted Sharmila to change career paths from being an architect to fulfilling her dream of being a fulltime artist. Sharmila works primarily in oils in large formats on canvas and describes her artistic style as modern impressionism. She does a variety of figurative works as well as contemporary abstracts. Her works are greatly influenced by nature and her day to day surroundings, its patterns, changing colors and moods. Sharmila uses different layers, mediums and textures to her canvases creating depth and drama. She strives to capture the energy of nature on her canvases and her works are intended to evoke different visual moods with subtle nuances of color and meaning taking the viewers on their own journey of unexpected explorations while viewing her works.

Please visit for a portfolio of Sharmila’s works.

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