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sangeeta rath   |

For me, creating Art is meditative.  It is the entire process of finding inspiration around me, conceptualizing a painting, and deciding which medium to use that brings me joy. Trying to see the beauty in mundane things and capturing the simplicity of nature and its inhabitants is my main goal. The more I paint, it becomes that much a part of my intrinsic nature to look for the special within the ordinary. It is a therapeutic process, to observe, choose, think and execute. I invite you to appreciate that beauty through my paintings, to slow down and fill your senses with colors and patterns found in nature.


Being a self taught painter, I was interested in Art since I was a young girl and painted and drew all through my school years’. But, I put it aside while I went through college and Business school and several years’ in the corporate industry. I started pursuing art after a gap of 19 years and it’s a passion I am totally invested in. For me, painting is intuitive, organic, adaptive, and focussed. Exploring a variety of subjects in different mediums provides me with a challenge and a creative outlet. I don’t limit myself to working in a specific medium - be it watercolor, acrylic, gouache, oil, or a combination.


To view more of Sangeeta’s artworks please visit her website at  or 

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