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Michael VanPatten   |   

Michael studied art during college with courses in photography, drawing, oil painting 3D design,

advanced painting, art history, ceramics, and introductory architecture at Corning Community, SUNY

Geneseo and Elmira College. However, he found his first profession in designing & developing computer

systems, then in technology sales & marketing, and finally with mergers & acquisitions as a Chief

Financial Officer of technology companies. He continued his photography work while travelling the

world and captured images in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Europe and around the United States.

Upon the sale of his most recent company in 2022, he again started developing more artistic images of

his favorite subjects including beaches, boats, islands, waterfalls, marinas, golf courses, cityscapes,

interesting skies, entertaining structures, wildlife, and digital surrealism using the help of artificial

intelligence (AI).

Last year, Michael purchased a boat called the View Finder to capture interesting new sites and started

View Finder Arts to share my artistic images. You might find him somewhere on Lake Lanier or traveling

to find interesting new images. After purchasing SONY, DJI drone and Go Pro cameras, he experimented

with landscape, aerial and underwater images. He now uses his computer knowledge and AI to create

interesting surrealistic images to challenge the viewers minds. Some of his images include the Artist

hidden as the ViewFinder (logo), a pirate, a reflection, or other characters.

Michael currently limits his limited-edition image sales to 250 copies before retiring them. His target

markets are professional office spaces, conference facilities, restaurants, hotels, galleries, institutions,

and professional collectors.

Michael earned his MBA from George Mason University (GMU) and is a Certified Public Accountant

(CPA). He currently teaches part-time online business courses for Southern New Hampshire University

(SNHU) and is a Board Member for, a performance Software as a Service Company.

Please feel free to contact him via email


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