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Lucia Stewart   |  

ART TO MAKE YOU SMILE - a short bio.

My name is Lucia Stewart, the artist behind Stressiecat LLC. I create artwork every day. When I create a work of art, I am saying to you and to the world, here I am, this is me. Always looking for the whimsy in everyday life because there is always something to smile about.

I am based in Alpharetta where I work from my home studio and draw inspiration from my pets. My British black cat called, Memo, aka Stressiecat, was adopted in Cornwall, England, and quite literally became my muse and the reason for starting my business. My second cat was adopted while living in China and my Catahoula dog is American born.

While extensively trained in sculpture, ceramic’s, jewelry design, textile design and drawing, I chose painting as my expressive medium. I am inspired by the old masters, especially from the impressionist and expressionist movements. My paintings range from large acrylics on canvas to smaller watercolor pieces, and more recently digital images, featuring mostly animals, although I do take on commissions, new subjects and projects, because nothing pushes one’s artistic boundaries more than painting new things and learning new techniques.

My other influences come from my interactions with animals during my travels and I often anthropomorphize them in my paintings, creating lighthearted whimsical paintings that literally make me smile.

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