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I paint abstract non-objective art in watercolor and mixed media. 


Painting is where I find my creative outlet; where I get swept away into the open space of creativity and focus, to a place free from thinking. I paint intuitively.


My work springs from the present moment and is about the interplay of the elements of art itself. In that sense it is very similar to composing a pice of music. Mind is still, and feelings and mindstates come out onto the paper as colors, marks, and shapes. There is play and exploration and there is pausing and looking - just sitting and taking in what’s in front of me, waiting for the impulse, the intuitive knowing of what to do next; exploring distance and connection, light and dark, movement and stillness, until the picture feels complete.


Art making teaches me who I am. It shows me my conditioning, challenges, and possibilities. And it allows me to just be, in a space that is all my own, and the whole universe, at the same time.


Perhaps that place of stillness can touch that same place in the viewer. That is a beautiful thought and a hope of mine.

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