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Laurel englehardt   |

I have always been moved by color and texture and found a new joy in playing with paints and various objects to create my own mixed media combinations. I enjoy exploring what can be created using different mediums, textures, paper and objects. More recently I have found the world of monotypes and cold wax and what is to be discovered by applying multiple layers of patterns and colors. I utilize any object that has an interesting pattern including but not limited to pre-made and home-made stencils, stamps, masks and mark making tools.

In my work I strive for a combination of patterns and colors that evoke texture. When I sit down to paint I sometimes have an idea in mind and sometimes I just play. The finished work always comes out different than I anticipated which keeps the process exciting. It does challenge me to leave behind preconceived notions of what the completed piece will look like and to embrace the unknown.

Please visit the following sites to see more of Laurel's work::

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