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Elisabeth Simon was mentored in her childhood years by her father, Zoltan Steiner, a notable seascape artist. After her career as an international flight attendant ended, she dedicated her time to incorporating art across the curriculum teaching children with special needs. Through art the students felt successful and were left with a positive feeling about school and themselves.


Elisabeth wants her paintings to evoke pleasure, joy, and a spark within the viewer. In addition, she wants her art to enhance one’s home or interior and create a beautiful and comforting sanctuary. She experiments with various methods of infusing texture and illumination to create beautiful, interesting, and unique abstract acrylic artwork. 


Her paintings take on a life of their own through perfecting and reworking each piece no matter how long the process takes. Elisabeth paints with passion, love, and perseverance and lives by the words of Winston Churchill who once said; "Success is not final, and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.


In remembrance and gratitude for her loving mentor and father, Zoltan Steiner, Elisabeth signs all her artwork with her maiden and married name.

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