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niyeti jiwani  

Niyati Jiwani – Atlanta, Georgia (USA) based artist depicts a fusion of abstractness, beauty and nature in her artwork. She started playing with colors when she was in school. Born in India, Niyati grew up with flair and love for Art and Literature. Profession as a teacher and qualified in double bachelors and a Masters degree, she still found time for her passion in arts and paintings. She explored different types of art forms during this time and studied art and learned painting with oils. She didn’t give up on her dreams and kept pursuing her practice with arts and paintings.  


After moving to the U.S, she picked an opportunity and participated in an art competition which added fuel to the fire for her further steps. She embarked on a new journey and engaged herself in gaining more knowledge and learnt new styles and on different materials which eventually helped her know her process as an artist. Her creation consists of bold and vibrant colors with a blend of neutral touch that draws any eye and stirs the emotions. The quest for her own process exploration was a joyful journey. A process filled with intense emotions and finally seeing a ray of hope and eventually the light. Words are out when she expresses her feelings for that.. The failures were more an encouragement and turned into a positive one. Her studio is a place where she transforms all her imaginary ideas onto canvas. She is constantly working on different series of works inspired by nature, music and personal experiences. 


Niyati has been featured in many group and solo exhibitions in India and U.S (ex. The Art Expo New York).

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