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Ann jones   | 

I have always had a passion for learning.  Once I completed my undergraduate degree at UGA in art, focusing on ceramics, I found the chemistry of clay bodies and glazes to be very fascinating.  Following this interest, I started taking college chemistry classes and after much work, graduated from UVA with a Masters in Chemical Engineering. 


Over the years, I have not had much of an opportunity to continue with my artistic endeavors until very recently – I started taking oil painting classes and really love this medium. 


For my very first painting, I chose to paint some peonies that were growing in my garden.  Even today, still feeling much the rookie with so much to learn about painting techniques, I am having fun exploring different subjects to paint and learning along the way. My painting style is primarily realistic as I am working both on mastering the technique and artistic style at the same time.


Most recently, my neighbors had asked me to look after their Koi fish / pond and this was an opportunity for me to take so many great photos to paint.  This upcoming Koi painting will be my fifth painting to date and I am thrilled with the way it is unfolding!

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