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TOny Thomas   |   

Mostly a self-taught artist, Tony has been drawing and painting ever since he learned to hold a pencil. All through grade school drawing was Tony’s way of expressing his innermost feelings and thoughts in ways he was too shy to verbalize. Not a social butterfly, Tony would much rather stay in his room most days and lose himself in DC or Marvel comics. He would check out books from the local library on Art with colorful galleries. Some were how-to manuals on drawing and painting. He would spend hours practicing drawing, copying the greats, and enjoying every minute! He experimented with pencil drawings, watercolor, oil painting and even sold some of his work.

After a 30+ year hiatus, in January of 2021, he decided to dive back into Art.

Tony plans to better his skills and get back into Oil painting.  He finds it a privilege to show and share his work with any who find it interesting.


To see more of Tony’s Art please visit

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