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Raye   |   |  205.602.0623

     Inspired by confined emotions, pain, and creative views; Raye is an abstract fluid artist that has developed an expression outlet that allows her to “pour” all of her inner beings on canvas. Deeply hidden is the heartache from losing her baby, the excruciating pain & suffering from the chronic disease sickle cell anemia, the frustration and struggle of being a single mom to 3 kids, the empathy she feels for her pediatric patients, the fear of being a burden because of her illness, and unexpressed perspectives. She started painting to release the energy she was holding. As she poured out positive and negative energy from herself, she created one of a kind acrylic treasures to make light out of what she was keeping in the dark. The more she releases using different mediums, acrylic pouring techniques, and creative tools her pours takes on a life of their own with their own personalities. She continues to learn and expand. Currently Raye not only does acrylic pouring, she does resin art, and jewelry art. She also has a passion to really help kids that are chronically ill,  having mental struggles, and more. Her 6 year old son is an artist as well. He has been studying art going on a year now and he wanted to help other kids experience the joy of what he feels when creating. So he encouraged his mom to do paint classes for anyone who needed it or desires to escape their pain or just have fun. Most importantly Raye’s son Colton Grey really wanted his mom to create a safe and enjoyable space for kids to express through pouring, so she did just that!  Now Raye does paint parties, art therapy, and everything in between but most importantly she focuses on having an art outlet for kids.  She loved her son’s passion and she really wanted kids to know that no matter what challenges they are facing they still can be amazing little artists and entrepreneurs. She hated that some kids felt as though they were limited because of their health cards they were dealt. So she decided to help them create their own world no matter what they are battling. So from the kid art sessions, the kid has the choice to keep their piece or to have Raye sell their piece through her company Rain Drop Acrylics. Not to mention the kids get to keep 100% of the  money they make from their pieces. She would say, “I think I’m really making a mountain out of a mole”. 

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