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Sukarna Bhatnagar   |  

I was born and brought up in India, and after a career in finance and accounting, I pretty soon realized that art was my passion bigger than anything else! I completed two years of Advanced Diploma in Art (2009 to 2011) and immersed myself in studio work with a renowned teacher who helped me gain immense knowledge about composition, color theory, and the techniques and styles of different artists.


I moved to Texas in 2016 with my husband and two kids. I became an art teacher with an after-school program and also worked as a part time teacher in a private art institute called Katy Art School. I simply love to paint as this is my only passion which keeps me going and motivated to learn new things in art, explore other artists, and get inspired from their work. There's still a long way to go as the journey to become an artist only started a few years ago. I have to cover lot of miles to reach my destination and to call myself as an established artist and painter!

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