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Oyindrila Basu was born and brought up in the old city of Kolkata, India. That is the place which taught her to hold a soft pencil and a brush. She began drawing with pastels when she was 3 years old at Balaka Art Center in India. After a long journey 16 years, she graduated from the same art school with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. By then she was well-adapted to pencil and charcoal sketching and water painting, but was trying to fine tune herself in oil painting. She has also taught fine arts for many years. But added responsibilities of college, family and then job, strayed her away from arts.

After she came to US, she re-engaged herself in many things like World Literature, World Religion, Academic Writing, Baking and Cake Art. But the most important thing she did was to enliven her love for fine arts and painting. She was selected to exhibit among thousands of artists from over 50 states in the US for “Together in the Dark” global art competition, held by the Treasure Valley Artists’ Alliance in Boise, Idaho. Since then, she became an exhibiting member artist with the art guild in Boise. She did many exhibitions with them at different prestigious galleries and events, as well as with Nampa Art Collective. She also participated in several art competitions in the US. After moving to Atlanta in 2018, she joined Alpha Arts Guild, where she has been a regular exhibiting member.

Oyindrila draws inspiration from anything that is around her; that beautifies the environment and makes it special. It can be a story, theme, nature, person, animal or even a piece of cloth. Therefore, her art doesn’t have a fixed theme. She delves into landscapes, seascapes, still-lifes, objects and portraits. However, her personal interest and knowledge in Indian mythology is reflected in many of her paintings. She works with oil, acrylic, pastels and water paint. She also loves pencil and charcoal sketch. Currently, she is mastering new techniques like resin art, oil glazing and acrylic pour.

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