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Monika Gupta   |  |  425.205.0746

I work primarily in Oils and Pastels and love painting in the tradition of classical realism. Portraits are my favorite subjects - I am fascinated by uniqueness of each person and strive to bring to life the inherent strength, dignity and beauty of my subjects. I apply the same methodical and thoughful approach to any subject - be it still life or landscape, as I would do in a portrait, and always strive to share a message of hope and joy through my creations. Even if I need to portray say, stormy clouds, for aesthetic reasons or because the subject calls for it, you will find a glimmer of silver lining, a parting of clouds for sun to peak through - a reminder that no mater how fierce a storm may be, there is always a clearing. Winter always turns to spring. 

I start with drawing multiple sketches to identify and tune into the core essence of my subject. For complex subjects and portraits, these sketches are followed by a full-size drawing, usually in charcoal, to work out value problems. In most cases, I also paint small color studies before starting to work on final artwork. I like to create small to medium size artworks, that can be displayed in the cozy nooks of a home, or in combination on a large wall. Last, but not the least, I'm continuously striving to improve my techniques, enhance my skills, but most of all - becoming a better person each day, everyday.

To see more of Monika's artwork and merchandise, please visit:

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