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Leslie Ballard’s mother was an acrylic artist specializing in animals and landscapes, so her interest in creating pieces of art came naturally. She followed in her mother’s footsteps as an acrylic artist until discovering resin in 2015. Resin as a medium creates movement and shine in art pieces and each piece is totally unique. Leslie began using resin to create large, abstract wall art pieces. Some of the pieces can be seen in people’s homes across the country, as well as in local businesses such as banks and wine bars.

Leslie’s focus now is three-dimensional work combining resin and wood. Her family took a leap of faith and gifted her a lathe, tools and various accoutrements for Christmas one year after she made a casual comment about wanting to know how to turn a vase/bowl. She had no experience whatsoever in woodworking, but it was obviously a terrific gift as she has been an avid wood turner ever since. Interestingly, almost everything she knows about turning she learned through YouTube videos!

The process of taking a piece of wood from its natural state to a piece of art fascinates Leslie.  The wood has to be bone dry, shaped, molded with resin and then turned and finished.  This multi-step process keeps her engaged and entertained! There is a thrill in discovering what the wood and resin become as they unveil themselves on the lathe.

Leslie is a resident of Milton, Georgia, and can be found on the golf course when she’s not on her lathe.

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