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I’m very happy to be part of the Alpha Arts Guild! My name is Ilona, I’m a professional artist with a BFA degree in painting. I moved to the USA in 2016 and I have a lovely painting Studio in Marietta, GA. I have been painting for over 30 yrs now and specialize in oils. I’m offering a few services of mine to anyone that is interested, such as private oil painting classes, art mentoring sessions and classes on how to make your own art website. I love sharing my knowledge and look forward to meeting new people who I can share my love for art with. Below you will find my current services:

  • Private Oil painting classes. Learn how to paint in oils in a classical technique either onto canvas, paper or panel. Learn how to prepare your own canvases, how different oil mediums work and much more. I offer in-person classes for up to 4 people at a time at my Studio in Marietta. You can bring your own painting that you have already started working on, or we can plan on a project designed especially for you. Beginners and all levels of painting welcome. Classes will be held once a week for 3hrs at a time, spots are limited so be sure to secure yours soon! Classes begin Thursday August 19th. Read more here:

  • Art mentoring classes: Private one-to-one classes/mentoring sessions in my Studio or online via Zoom (you choose). Art is a business, and to thrive in this market you must have all the essential skills to do so. These skills come with years of experience, and I’d love to help you jump start your art career with much less worry than is necessary! Read more here:

  • Learn how to make your own artist website: Having your website made for you can be expensive, so why not learn how to do it yourself? I am having one-on-one private classes on how to set up your very own website on Squarespace. You will learn how to crop and edit images on Adobe Photoshop, set up an online store on your website to sell your artwork, and additional features. Together we can design your website to reflect your very own personality and the style of art that you do. Classes are designed by individual needs. Read more here:

  • Let me make your website for you! If you are not up to making your own website, let me do it for you! I use Squarespace for website platforms, and together we can discuss what kind of website you want, and I will make it entirely the way you have dreamt it. Now is the time to do it! Wait no longer! Email me for more info at

  • Chihuahua portraits. Have a Chihuahua? My specialty is making whimsical portraits of Chihuahuas. I call them Chi Creatures because they are not your ordinary dog portrait, but  magical surreal paintings to reflect your dog’s personality. More info at :

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