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Hope riveron   |  |  480.326.2572

E. Hope M. Riveron-Gruver is a Cuban-French Canadian, born in Havana, Cuba. She immigrated to the U.S., escaping from communism in 1966 and became a U.S. citizen in 1971. Her love for education led her to obtaining a Masters Degree in Education at Havana University (Cuba) and a Bachelor in Psychology/Sociology from St. Thomas of Villanova University's Biscayne College (Miami, FL).

Due to her passion in education, Hope has gained a title of "The Over Achiever" because she has been studying

a large part of her adult life and chose five career paths. She has 30 years experience teaching Spanish and Sciences in public and private schools.

Hope's passion for fine art has been her motivation to research and practice different art mediums for many years. She became a self-taught fine artist following her God-given talent and painting almost everything she sees. She loves painting nature's beauty — from birds and animals to landscapes, the sea, mystical fairies and much more.

Hope paints in oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, pen & pencil and airbrush and has taught art for over 25 years in her private studio. Hope has researched ancient Chinese silk painting — mastering the technique to make beautiful fine art renditions. She has participated in several fine art exhibitions and her paintings have been featured in art galleries in Illinois, Arizona, Georgia and Florida with great success.

Hope can take personal photos and transform them into beautiful works of art — especially of weddings, animals, nature, etc. She specializes in pet portraits and creating special, sentimental momentos that serve as family heirlooms. She is also a member of The Roswell Fine Art Alliance and The Cultural Art Alliance of Johns Creek. 

To see more of Hope Riveron's work, visit her online gallery: .

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