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GAEL ANTONE  |  678.235.1026

Gael Antone was born in Santa Rosa, California, located 50 miles north of San Francisco.  He was raised primarily in the coastal mountains, hills among the Redwoods, Douglas Fir and Sugar Pine trees…all giant trees.

He is over ¾ Native American affiliated with three tribes, Pomo, Karuk and Wintun.  His younger years were influenced by the natural things of nature, the trees, the rivers and Pacific Ocean.

His interest in art started when he was very young.  He began drawing when he was in the first grade and while growing up, assisted fellow students by drawing for them, pictures associated with book reports.  While attending high school, Gael was given drawing instructions/guidance by his high school art teacher all four years.  While in the corporate world, he has also been involved with drawing needed logos for organizations.

Gael briefly attended S.F. Art Institute for life drawing, correspondence training with Famous Artists Commercial Art, and several art drawing classes. Mostly self taught, his interest in pen and ink stipple drawing is currently his main focus.

He has had an interest in drawing but placed this interest on the ‘back burner’ and now driven to be heavily focused and involved within the world of art. Gael joined the Alpha Art Guild to learn by observation, those works by fellow artists and also to share his work.

He plans on directing his talents toward his culture.  His purpose is not for self but more for sharing and educating others regarding the diversity within his culture of Native Americans.

Gael also writes poetry. “With my work of poetry, I often share that immediate tugging of the heart that I had at that moment in time when I created and painted the words.  I feel the same when I sit down at my drawing table…to fully depend on creating something from nothing — except the tug of the heart and mind — it's such a powerful feeling.  I love it.”

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