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diane choi   |  |  678.634.3446

Diane grew up in the Republic of Korea. There she majored in pottery art in University, with

Masters’ degrees in Applied art and Art Education.

Before moving to the United States in 2015 with her family, she completed her Doctorate degree

in Formative Arts. She also taught at several art colleges.

Diane has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in countries like Korea, Japan,

China and Philippines. Her most valuable experience is living in Japan, for a year giving her the

opportunity to communicate and network with local artists.

Her works are inspired by shapes and landscapes in nature, and created using hand-built

techniques of engraving, embossing, and curving. etc.She then uses two glaze colors in

harmony to show the mood of nature and adds a unique function with lighting into the pottery.

Adding the element of lighting in her pottery creates mood and emphasizes the volume of the

curve in the sculptures.

The objective of her work is to provide beauty, as well as being functional by adding the element

of light. Through her work and designs Diane explores the power of healing and love found in

the infinite world of nature.

Her hope is to continue creating a new genre of pottery by interacting with other artists.

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