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My most cherished memories of childhood include my love of animals and the wonders of nature. I have never lost that facination. I am drawn in by looking close-up, therefore my paintings are up-close and personal.

I am most interested in animal’s personalty traits so I often end up with paintings that portray an attitude or a whimsical side. When it comes to my animals I paint from the heart.

In nature I look for things that often go unnoticed. My reverence for nature is expressed by looking close-up for God’s presence in all living things. Painting is what I am compelled to do and the process is the best part of
the journey. When I am painting I get lost in the world I am creating and life is good.

I often spend three weeks on a painting mulling over what moves me about my subject, then drawing, layering color, texture, and glazing. I graciously accept advice on the anatomy of my animals from my veterinarian husband.

After completing my art education at Auburn University in 1969, I I have taught water color, acrylics, and creative painting in Florida and Georgia. Meanwhile, I raised two boys and worked for ten years in my husband’s animal hospital where I was secretly collecting ideas for my animal paintings.

A painting of Pounce was featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association in October 2000. As a result, Pounce’s portrait can be seen in numerous animals hospitals across the USA. I have
done illustrations for CatFancy Magazine, and my painting of a Labrador Retriever was chosen for the Georgia specialty license plate. If you are in Atlanta area you may spot a mobile spay and neuter hospital, Catsnip, with my eye catching graphics on the side.

My botanicals have been in numerous juried shows in Florida and Georgia including solo exhibits at the Botanical Gardens of Ga. and Callaway Gardens.

Please visit Carolyn Ritter's website to view more:

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